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Databases are paid subscriptions that allow users to look for specific information in various sources.  From home, they usually require a username and/or password.

The Brain Pop video database is for older elementary students and includes cool videos about all kinds of subjects. It's a fun place to learn about many interesting subjects. Take the quiz after watching the videos to check your learning.

Brain POP Jr. Just like Brain Pop, this video database has lots of great videos and games about many subjects. This one is geared to K-3 students. 

CultureGrams provides up-to-date information about daily life and cultures of places all over the world. 

Explora is a full-text database that provides information from children's magazines, easy-to-read encyclopedias, and a vast image collection. This is a great database to learn about many topics. 

Fact Cite is perfect for finding information about biographies, science, mythology and lots of other topics. Great for doing research and writing reports.

Pebble Go is a K-3 database for beginning researchers. It is simple to navigate and offers reading supports such as read-along audio and word-by-word highlighting. 


Pebble Go Next is for students in Grades 3-5. American Indian History, Biographies, Science, Social Studies, States. Articles spanning a wide range of areas to support standards. A timeline feature with every article. 

PK Earth/Space Science offers information on Earth cycles, ecosystems and biomes, energy and matter, landforms, maps, natural disasters, rocks and minerals, space, water, weather and climate, etc. 

PK Life Science is where you want to go if you need Life Science information. It's not only great for doing research, but it's also a fun site to look around and learn something new.


PK Physical Science offers information on atoms and molecules, the Periodic Table, energy and matter, force and motion, physical science and our planet, temperature and measurement, the scientific method, etc.  

The World Almanac offers a variety of information on topics such as space, presidents, the environment, animals, geography, and historical facts. There are also maps, diagrams, and graphic organizers.

World Almanac Kids Elementary Short articles, videos, and interactive features about many interesting, current topics from science, math, social studies, character education, and much more. Great for 1st-2nd grade students.